About the Birth Project

The Birth Project Statement

The Birth Project is a series of paintings depicting women, birth and motherhood.  Large paintings represent the real and symbolic nature of birth as a holistic experience.  Birth is a powerful and profound event that changes and shapes identity. This physical, emotional and spiritual awakening is the perfect landscape to explore universal experiences like pain, euphoria, transformation and the welcoming of new life. The artist aims to create work that is provocative, beautiful and heavy with emotion and symbol. While Amanda paints birth because she loves it, she wants the paintings and their images to creatively and effectively tell women’s stories as they’re experienced every day.  The Birth Project as a body of work can be a medium to inspire confidence and possibility in women who are approaching pregnancy and motherhood, as well as portray experiences in a real and tangible way. As part of a social dialogue and movement that creates change for childbearing women, raises public awareness of issues surrounding birth and promotes a positive and empowering image of childbirth and motherhood, the paintings fill a visual void in birth culture.

The Birth Project has been exhibited at galleries and conference around North America. It is a continually changing exhibition as the series is added to and pieces are acquired.

Submissions are accepted on an ongoing basis for those who’d like to share and  participate with their photos and stories.

Amanda does accept commission, especially those that fit with the current focus of her work, and she can be emailed at amanda.greavette@gmail.com